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Ape Titles in Stores 12-29-2010!

Check it out Gang, new titles from Ape in stores on 12-29-2010! This week we have Shrek #2 and Penguins of Madagascar #2 so be sure to grab a copy at your friendly neighborhood Comic Shop!

32 pages | full color | $3.95 each

When Shrek, Donkey, and Puss embark on a guy’s weekend of camping and male bonding, they unknowingly pitch their tent in the middle of a haunted forest, trading marshmallows and graham crackers for ghosts and goblins. But as the scares mount, something is not quite what it seems, forcing the trio to face their fears head on.

32 pages | full color | $3.95 each
By Dave Server & Jackson Lanzing, Antonio Campo, Bob Strang & Various.

Stranded in Brazil, Skipper enlists the help of some unusual locales, including a snake named Jose who is anything but, in order to reunite his dispersed team of penguin paratroopers, but will the mission diversion keep them from completing their original objective of returning Mia, the duck-billed platypus, to her native home of Australia?