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Ape Titles in Stores 01-05-2011!

Check it out Gang, new titles from Ape in stores on 01-05-2011! This week we have Meganind #1, Scratch9 $4 and Shrek” Once Upon A Slime Diget! so be sure to grab a copy at your friendly neighborhood Comic Shop!

MEGAMIND #1 32 pages | full color | $3.95 each
Written by: Troy Dye & Tom Kelesides Pencils by: Carlos Valenti

With the prom just around the corner, Megamind hatches a plan to usurp the imminent prom king, Metro Dude, but when his dastardly deed takes a self-destructive turn, he’s forced to challenge his teenaged nemesis to a dance off in front of the entire class, ultimately usurping himself.

SCRATCH9 #4 32 pages | full color | $3.95 each
Written by: Rob Worley, Art by Jason Krause

Dr. Schrodinger has captured Penelope and he’s not letting her go until he recaptures Scratch! Can a simple house cat stop the schemes of a mad scientist? Well, Scratch is far from simple and he uses his powers to summon IX, his weirdest

SHREK: Once Upon A Slime DIGEST 52 pages | full color | $6.95 each

Shrek and Donkey are constantly fighting over the toy surprises in the cereal box. Thanks to a contest and buying the millionth box of “Ye Olde Crunchypants Cereal” Shrek and Donkey are off to visit the Cereal Factory; let the adventure begin. When Shrek, Donkey, and Puss embark on a guy’s weekend of camping and male bonding, they unknowingly pitch their tent in the middle of a haunted forest, trading marshmallows and graham crackers for ghosts and goblins. But as the scares mount, something is not quite what it seems, forcing the trio to face their fears head on.