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Richie Rich Micro-Interview with Matt Anderson

Hey Gang, this week we set down and chat with Matt Anderson about his contributions to the new Richie Rich series. Matt has worked with Ape on a number of projects most notably are his creator owned title White Picket Fences and the upcoming Kung Fu Panda comics. So lets get this Micro-Interview gong and jump right in with our first question for Matt.

Brent E. Erwin: How does it feel to be involved in the task of updating a comic book icon like Richie Rich?

Matt Anderson: Scary. Intimidating. Surreal. Daunting. Those are a few feelings that come to mind. Overall though, I feel honored to have a small part in this character’s expansive legacy.

Brent E. Erwin: Did you read Richie Rich comics growing us as a kid?

Matt Anderson: Honestly, I never read too many Richie Rich comics when I was a kid. That being said, I did see the Macaulay Culkin movie – which I remember liking, but I also really liked “slap bracelets”, so my taste may be somewhat questionable.
Brent E. Erwin: So tell us Matt, now that we know you didn’t have many Richie Rich comics growing up, what was your favorite original Richie Rich comic that you did have?

Matt Anderson: As I’ve just embarrassingly admitted, I don’t have many memories of the Richie Rich comics. Although, to my rapidly increasing embarrassment, the one clear memory I have of owning a Richie Rich comic was when he teamed up with the New Kids on the Block. Specifically, it was issue #3 that I owned. I’m seriously wishing I could remember the story featured in the issue, because (New Kids on the Block aside) looking at the cover, it looks absurdly awesome!

Brent E. Erwin: What made you want to be a writer on the new Richie Rich series?

Matt Anderson: It was an opportunity presented to me that I never expected to come my way, and there was no way I was going to say no. Just the opportunity to work on such an iconic character was enough motivation for me to jump on board, but once I was let in on the details of the revamp it became a project that I simply had to be a part of.
When I was a kid, this take on Richie Rich was the kind of comic I was always looking for but could never find. Now, as (arguably) an adult, I am thrilled to play a small role in crafting such a fun and adventure filled comic that kids will want to read over and over again, trade with their friends, and hopefully – roll up and carry around in their back pockets (or whichever pocket doesn’t already contain a cell phone, Ipod, and other such things that Professor Keanbean wishes he had invented).

Brent E. Erwin: Which member of the “Rich Rescue” gang is your favorite.

Matt Anderson: I have to go with Cadbury on this one. I absolutely love the idea of a butler who is equally capable of delivering a tasty snack with his left hand, while delivering a hard punch to the jaw of a bad guy with his right!

Brent E. Erwin: When looking through Richie’s “Rouges Gallery” which of his villains is your favorite?

Matt Anderson: This is a no-brainer for me. Quite simply, The Onion is my favorite villain. I love onions, and eat them quite a bit – but I’ve also smelled some mean onion breath (on myself and others) and I have no doubt that a person such as The Onion, who has found a way to weaponize it would have the entire world as his oyster (another smelly food…hmmm…I think I may have just come up with a new villain for The Onion to team-up with…).

Brent E. Erwin: If you could have any one of “Professor KeenBean’s” gadgets which one would it be?

Matt Anderson: Again, I’m going to have to go back to the movie for this one, but I was always fascinated by the Sub-Atomic Moleculor Re-Organizer. The S.A.M.R.O. was able to recycle trash into brand new, completely usable things. How awesome would it be to have something like that? Think about it, if you get bored with the stuff you own, just send it through the S.A.M.R.O. and boom! – you’ve got all new things!

Brent E. Erwin: Can you tell us what issue your story will appear in and give us a hint about it?
Matt Anderson: My story will be in issue #2 and features Cadbury in the starring role. As for a hint of what it’s about…well…I’ll let the title speak for itself, “Hello Fellow Hostages, Are You Ready to Rock?!?” Oh, you want more hints? Okay…it’s about Cadbury on his night off, attending a good ol’ fashioned rock and roll concert! There will be no shortage of head banging – that I can assure you!

Brent E. Erwin: Are you having fun working on the new series?

Matt Anderson: Yeah, it’s a blast! But I’ll tell you, as much fun as I’m having as a writer – I totally expect to have ten times the fun as a reader. I know a little bit of the stories that are included in the series, and I cannot wait to read them for myself!

Brent E. Erwin: What other projects are you working on right now?

Matt Anderson: Seems like about a million given how much time I’ve been spending in front of the computer (much to my wife’s chagrin). Right at this moment, in order to do this interview, I’m taking a break from writing the 2nd issue of the Kung Fu Panda series that begins in May 2011 (with a one-shot prequel hitting the stands in April) from Ape. Also in 2011, and also from Ape, my all-ages sci-fi series White Picket Fences returns in a monthly series. Currently five of those issues are almost complete, so when it starts – we won’t miss a beat (read: month).

Beyond writing, I am currently editing Ape’s forthcoming Strawberry Shortcake series. While we are still in the beginning stages, that series has been a blast to work on.