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Scouts: Prepare for Adversity!

Well Gang, I want you all to think of this as the “Pre-Launch” party for Ape’s newest project. It gives me great pleasure to finally announce a new project from Ape Entertainment that is near and dear to my heart…SCOUTS! For those of you who may not know, from time to time I suffer from bouts of insomnia that keep me awake ’til the wee hours of the morning. During these sleep-deprived times I find myself at my most creative, and on one such night I conceived one of the best all-ages ideas I’ve ever had…Scouts!

Here is the original text that I wrote for the idea:

“What do you do when your parents sign you up as a member of the most unlucky “Shrub Scout” troop on the planet? Well, if you’re Mike Manly you do everything you can to get out! As Mike quickly discovers the only way out of the “Weasel Troop” is to earn all of the merit badges needed to graduate… wish Mike good luck cause he’s gonna need it!”

This totally fun idea is about a young boy ready to embark on a video game filled summer as he tries to beat the newest, hottest video game release “Ultimate Zombie Ninja Rampage II: Rise of the Robot Pirates.” His father, however, cuts Mike’s dream short with ideas of his own. Fed up with his son’s sedent video game lifestyle, Mr. Manly “drafts” him into a summer chock full of wacky, zany antics when he signs young Mike up for the Shrub Scouts.

Created as individual 48 page digests with stand alone stories, Scouts follows the adventures of Mike Manley, Albert Newsome, Ernie Dinkle, Gary “Rhino” Rinokowski and Norris Turkington in their quest to obtain all of the merit badges needed to graduate. Only after this can they get back to the summers they all had planned before being “drafted” by their parents into the Shrub Scouts.

I was extremely lucky in assembling a top notch creative team for this project. For the writing chores I turned to Mark Finn, a dear friend with one of the best senses of humor I know. Mark is extremely talented, quick-witted, and a hoot and a half (Texas expression for a funny person). The scripts he’s written for this project literally make me laugh out loud. On the art side of things I was fortunate enough to find an artist who truly understood my vision for this project in Scott Ball. Scott’s work flows like animation on the page, making the comics look like a fully-realized cartoon show you might see on Nickelodeon. Our colorist Dustin Evans has breathed a life into the boys of Weasel Troop and the Scouts world, adding to the animated cartoon feel of the project. Dustin is also the lead colorist on our Richie Rich: Rich Rescue title and makes every page of Scouts look as rich as Richie is.

I hope you will all give Scouts a look and say a few kind words to the creators who brought this project to life for me. If you have a little one at home, this book is a perfect fit for them. It’s fun, exciting and family-friendly for everyone at any age. Scouts: Drafted will be available in stores first quarter of 2012.


Brent E. Erwin