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Dino Duck flocks to comic stores Wednesday

Dino Duck: PrehystericalPrepare to laugh your way back to the Stone Age with the May 23, 2012 release of Dino Duck: Prehysterical.

From the creative minds that brought you comedic series such as Little Green Men and Scouts!: Drafted, this 48-page tale retails for $6.99 at comic book shops and our online store.

So what exactly is a Dino Duck?

It’s exactly what you’re imaging, a tribe of semi-intelligent ducks living in the time of dinosaurs, brought to life by Jay Fosgitt‘s writing and art.

The race up the evolutionary ladder is on! But the only duck in the Duck Tribe who knows it is Dino! With the monkeys watching and copying his every move (and his fellow tribesman ignoring him completely), it’s up to Dino to drag his people out of the stone age and into evolutionary superiority before the monkeys beat him to it!