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Ape honors Martin Coccolo’s newcomer nomination with Helldorado Ultimate Collector’s Set

As if you needed another reason to check out Ape’s blood-spattered western-horror epic Helldorado, artist Martin Coccolo has been nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award for his stunning work on the book!

To honor Martin’s achievement, we are re-releasing limited quantities of the Helldorado Ultimate Collector’s Set on our eBay store. Pick up one of these unique collector’s items and see what the hype’s all about, and since we’re talking Helldorado, you better get’em all…before they get you!

The Ultimate Collector’s Set contains all three original issues of the miniseries, plus a copy of the rare issue 1 zombie variant cover that was never sold in stores. All four issues included are also signed by series co-creator Brent Erwin, and the special low price you pay includes shipping!

We’re putting the sets up for sale while supplies last, so get over to our eBay store before someone else reading this same article right now beats you there. Because unlike the dead in Helldorado, once our supplies are gone, they ain’t coming back.