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Kung Fu Friday: Coloring Po

We took a brief hiatus for San Diego’s massice Comic-Con International, but we’re back this week for another installment of Kung Fu Friday! Last time we showed you artist Massimo Asaro’s pencils for issue #1 of our upcoming release, KUNG FU PANDA: TALES OF THE DRAGON WARRIOR #1. Today, we’ll be looking at colored pages by colorist extraordinaire, Fernando Peniche!

Many colorists work directly from inked pages, but to give Kung Fu Panda it’s distinctive look, Fernando colors directly over Massimo’s detailed pencils. This lends a softer look to the finished art that compliments the time period and overall world of Kung Fu Panda.

So how does one become a colorist? For Fernando, it was simply a matter of wanting to improve his own art. “I have always drawn,” says Fernando, “and then when I discovered digital color, I saw where the industry was going, so I had to learn to color like that and apply it to my own work.”

“Phostoshop is the tool I use to color. First, I have to apply the base color to the drawing, without any gradient. Then, in other layers, I begin painting the various lights and shadows. Once those are done, I finish with some special effects where necessary (careful not to abuse them) and end with a filter that unifies colors.”

So does Fernando have any advice for kids who might one day aspire to color comic books?

“My philosophy in my work is simple. Always be on time, always do your best, and always push yourself to give a little more.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the art and colors of Kung Fu Panda! We’ll be back next week for another Kung Fu Friday, focusing on the guy who adds all the word balloons and sound effects… Eisner nominated letterer Deron Bennett! See you then, and don’t forget to call your local comic retailer and order a copy of Kung Fu Panda #1, in stores July!

Kung Fu Panda: Tales of the Dragon Warrior #1
28 PG | Full Color | $3.99
ISBN #: COVER A – MARCELO FERREIRA: 978-1-937676-33-9
ISBN #: COVER B – MARCELO FERREIRA: 978-1-937676-34-6

Writers Name: Quinn Johnson & Keith R.A. DeCandido
Artist Names: Massimo Asaro
Colors: Fernando Peniche
Cover Artist: Marcelo Ferriera, Massimo Asaro, Diego Rodriguez