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Rendering Rico: James Silvani Takes On The Penguins Of Madagascar

What is it with artist James Silvani and web-footed waterfowl? Perhaps it has something to do with his location. This Maui-based artist came to the industry’s attention first with Muppet King Arthur, and his fan and critically acclaimed run on Disney’s Darkwing Duck. But this wasn’t his first stint in comics. Says James, “My first gig in comics was drawing Animaniacs back in the early 90’s. That led to doing a lot of merchandise art (for clothing and packaging and such) over the next few years. Then about 3 years ago I saw that a publisher with the Disney license was looking for artists. Reading and drawing comics has always been my first love, so I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the industry again. Since then I’ve had the distinct pleasure of drawing everything from the Muppets to Mickey Mouse to the re-imagining of Richie Rich. I’m most proud of the work I did on the triumphant return of Darkwing Duck…19 monthly issues without missing a deadline! No mean feat, I’m told.”

With American Disney comics currently on hiatus, James continues to keep busy working with the gang of monkeys here at Ape Entertainment. “I couldn’t be happier to be working with the funny and handsome Aaron Sparrow,” James says, knowing how to appeal to an editor’s ego. “He hired me to work on the Disney books and the chemistry is still there with our work at APE. We both have the same childish sense of humor that translates well to our work. I’m also proud to be making comics with my old colleagues Amy Mebberson, Deron Bennett, Allen Gladfelter, even my old Darkwing colorist Andrew Dalhouse. We made some real magic before and I think we’re even doing better work now.”

So what projects is James currently working on for Ape? Says James, “I started with Richie Rich and Casper’s Scare School comics, and I’m now drawing a back-up or two on The Penguins of Madagascar. I love the cartoon with it’s tales of intrigue and raw slapstick. The writers of the series, David Server and Jackson Lanzing, have really captured the voice of the show perfectly. And Diego Rodriguez’s amazing colors…wow. Drawing penguins? Fun. Drawing penguins with grappling guns and night vision? Most excellent.”

So what does the future hold for James Silvani? “Next up, I’m drawing the comic companion to a new Nickelodeon show debuting this fall. We’ll be making a formal announcement soon but it’s safe to say I won’t know HOW to keep my mouth shut when it comes time to promote it.
I can’t wait TO get started on it.
I might rent a TRAIN with a big banner on the side.
I’m excited to see YOUR reaction to the stories.
I won’t be DRAGON this on much longer.”

James Silvani’s work debuts in PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR Vol.2 #2! Call your retailer and make sure they reserve you a copy!

Penguins of Madagascar vol. 2 #2
28 PG | Full Color | $3.99
ISBN #: 978-1-937676-45-2

Writers Name: Dave Server & Jackson Lanzing
Artist Names: Antonio Campo, James Silvani
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Cover Artist: Antonio Campo