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Celebrate Halloween At Your Local Comic Shop!

Pumpkins for Halloween? How about Strawberry Shortcake? It’s time for Halloween Comicfest 2012, so put away that dusty, 30-year old candy corn you’ve been handing out to trick or treaters, and give them a REAL treat this Halloween! Your local comic book shop has some great Halloween stories available in these cool full-sized comics and mini-comics, including our 2012 Halloween mini-comic flip-book, featuring 3 short stories! One side features the boys of the Weasel Troop in a SCOUTS! short story, “Meet the Pets”, written by Mark Finn, with art by Antonio Campo and colors by Dustin Evans! Then give the book a flip, because the flip-side features two stories from our wildly successful STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE comic! “A Little Kitchen Help” “is written by Heather Nuhfer, with art and colors by Amy Mebberson! The second story, “Custard and Cake”, is written by Tim Beedle, with art by Tanya Robertson and colors by Amy Mebberson! This sweet treat is sure to please boys, girls, AND their parents, and is 100% guaranteed not to cause tooth decay! Ask your local comics retailer how you can get a copy of these Halloween tales!