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Merry Fishmas Pocket God Special IS HERE!

POCKET_GOD_20_00_CoverSan Francisco – December 19, 2012 – Ape Entertainment and Bolt Creative announced today that the Pocket God Comics “Ghost of Fishmas Past” One Shot is now available on

Pocket God Comics Offers the Merry Fishmas One Shot Special Up to the Gods

the App Store  for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Visit today to download.  The app has also been upgraded to no longer require the login feature in order to purchase comics in this app.

Hop on board for one wild ride!  We finally get a chance to see the world inside Nooby’s head.  And you KNOW that’s going to be a party!  …That boy ain’t right!  You may have noticed Nooby go storming off as Gem Cell Research came to a crashing conclusion.  Now we get to see where he went….and WHY.  It’s a Trippy Fishmas for sure!  Merry Fishmas everybody!

And don’t forget that the Pocket God Comic is updated frequently with all kinds of FREE extras such as The Pygmy Peril newsletter (which includes free Little Green Men comic short stories), and an EXCLUSIVE re-mastered version of the first Pocket God animated short!

Speaking of The Pygmy Peril… Issue #26 just released!!!  It’s still free and yet worth TWICE that!  It’s got all the standard goofy-goodness you love like the Letter From the Editor, email from our fans in Outhouse Input, art from fans in Pretty Pygtures, and of course Dev Corner where we get to hear from various people actually behind the Pocket God game app itself!
…I can’t believe we are just giving The Pygmy Peril away…We must be CRAZY!

[Pocket God © 2012 BOLT Creative Inc. Pocket God, Pygmy Peril, and all related characters are © BOLT Creative Inc.    Little Green Men and related characters are © 2012 APE Entertainment LLC.]
Pricing and Availability:
The Pocket God Comics App is available for $.99 USD from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at For more information, please visit or