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Comic Review: Poison Elves: Presumed Dead by Drew Hayes

PE_CVR_01_B_LGNEW REVIEW JUST IN! “Five years after the death of its creator Drew Hayes, APE Entertainment is reviving the much-loved indie fantasy series Poison Elves, promising that the new book will stay as true to Hayes’ vision as possible.

Big shout out to author James R. Tuck for posting about the relaunch of the 1990’s cult classic comic Poison Elves. I hadn’t heard of this comic before last week, but one look at the cover and some of the interior artwork and I knew this was something I had to see. It is an action/adventure, D&D-style, old school story for mature audiences and features elves . And yeah, I got a thing for Fae and the guy on the front is kind of hot, even with the big ass ears.” You can read the full review from the reviewer here at I SMELL SHEEP!