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David Hedgecock CEO

Brent E. Erwin COO

Aaron Sparrow Editor

Weldon Adams Editor

Isaiah Samson Assistant Editor

Blake Benda, Custom Publishing, Retail Liaison, Sales Representative

Ryan Davis, Lead Designer

Rolando Mallada, Lead Artist on Staff

Marcello Ferreira, Artist on Staff

Aurelio Mazzara, Artist on Staff

Elysabeth Fulda Media/PR: The Sphinx Group

Ape Entertainment Mailing address:
Ape Entertainment
P.O. Box 212344
Chula Vista, Ca 91921

Sales,Marketing and Retailer Resources:

Ape Entertainment
5001 Brentwood Stair Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76103
PH: 817-841-8447 Mon-Fri (10-5)