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Ryan Davis: Designer

Ryan Davis – Graphic Designer

Born in Arlington, Texas in the late 80’s, Ryan Davis was born into a very loving family. This family encouraged and supported his love for Art. Ryan would always rather doodle on his homework then actually complete the assignment (which greatly angered his teachers). Don’t get the wrong impression… Ryan always tried to treat everyone with much respect. Art just always came first to him. High School was spent taking as many art classes as possible. If art was a sport, he would have had a letterman jacket for sure. After achieving college credits in High School, Ryan continued on to get his Associates in Graphic Design. He graduated Valedictorian in his class. Times were rocky after college and Ryan felt at times that he wasn’t going in the direction he wanted with his career. After being unsatisfied with a couple Design jobs, He found an opportunity at Ape Entertainment. Grateful for the chance to work in a highly entertaining business alongside very entertaining gentlemen, Ryan feels like he has taken one step closer to his dream.

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