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Brent E. Erwin

Comic Review: Poison Elves: Presumed Dead by Drew Hayes

PE_CVR_01_B_LGFive years after the death of its creator Drew Hayes, APE Entertainment is reviving the much-loved indie fantasy series Poison Elves, promising that the new book will stay as true to Hayes' vision as possible. Big shout out to author James R. Tuck for posting about the relaunch of the 1990’s cult classic comic Poison Elves. I hadn't heard of this comic before last week, but one look at the cover and some of the interior artwork and I knew this was something I had to see. It is an action/adventure, D&D-style, old school story for mature audiences and features elves . And yeah, I got a thing for Fae and the guy on the front is kind of hot, even with the big ass ears. Continue reading

The Black Coat: “The Blackest Dye” KICKSTARTER PROJECT!

BLACK COATThe Black Coat is America's first superspy! With his network of agents, the swashbuckling hero uses his wits, skill with a sword, and amazing inventions to protect the American Colonies from the machinations of the British and the unseen dangers that lurk in the shadows of history. "When is the next series coming out?" We hear this all the time. Well, this is it! We want to produce a 66 page graphic novel that will continue the ongoing story of The Black Coat. Ape Entertainment has already agreed to publish the book once it's produced. Ben is handling all of the writing duties and we intend to print the book in full color with the help of uber-talented Diego Rodriguez. Artist Dean Kotz is clearing his schedule and ready to.. Continue reading


Poison_Elves_01_CoverA_DarickRobertsonSAN DIEGO, CA – December 10th, 2012 - Ape Entertainment, in partnership with Sirius Entertainment, is proud to announce a new POISON ELVES on-going series as the flagship title of Ape Entertainment’s soon to be launched mature readers label. The new POISON ELVES series is not a spin-off, side story or ‘What-If’. This is a continuation of the DREW HAYES POISON ELVES SERIES which ended, essentially, with issue #79 published before Mr. Hayes passed away on March 21st, 2007. Ape Entertainment is well aware of the thousands of fans of POISON ELVES who loved its’ creator, Drew Hayes, just as much as they loved his creation. Ape Entertainment understands the gravity of what we are attempting and we have done Continue reading
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