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Lys Fulda

A Tribe Divided- Pygmies Strike Back

Pocket God Issue 22 Live at the App Store

SAN FRANCISCO – April 25, 2013 –Ape Entertainment and Bolt Creative announced today that Pocket God Comics issue No. 22 is now available on the App Store for iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. In part two of five “The Pygmies Strike Back,” the tribes split up on separate missions, everyone is on edge and tempers flare!

Klak doesn’t agree with Klik’s plan of action, but gets taken along on the trip anyway!  And with Booga and Kinsee on the same team, will the unknown dangers get him before she does? Continue reading

Adventure Suspense, Mystery and Danger LOTS of DANGER

(San Diego,CA- April 23, 2013) Ape Entertainment and Imangi Studios announced today that issue five of the Temple Run Digital Comic is available at the app store. This issue is

Cvrpart five in The Chosen One Story Arc and can be downloaded at

Using a Viking ship, Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox and the rest of the group escaped from all of the danger last issue, right?  WRONG!  When ‘Danger’ is part of your last name, it follows you around like a puppy.  …a hungry puppy  …a dangerous and scary hungry puppy  …never mind, bad metaphor, but you get the point.  Danger = RUN!
Continue reading

Temple Run #4 available NOW!

Pulse Pounding Peril Comes To Temple Run

(SAN DIEGO, CA- March 7th, 2013) Ape Entertainment and Imangi Studios announced today that issue four of the Temple Run Digital Comic is available at the app store. This issue is part four in The Chosen One Story Arc and can be downloaded at

Guy has escaped the pack of screeching demon monkeys that were chasing him.  Or has he simply led them all straight to Scarlett and her team?  You can bet it’s the latter!
As the group struggles to escape the temple, they begin to discover that their current predicament and situation is far stranger than they could have ever guessed!

Join us on this pulse pounding path of peril that expands the world of the TEMPLE RUN app game!

Continue reading

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