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Brent E. Erwin COO

Brent E. Erwin – COO

Brent E. Erwin is a 22-year veteran of the Comics Industry, having opened his first Comic Shop “Four Color Comics & Cards” in Waco, TX at age 19. Brent went on to become a Sales Representative for Diamond Comics Distributors, working with Acclaim Comics in New York City. Leaving Diamond Comics Distributors, Brent became a Marketing Coordinator for the direct market, under the authority of Fabian Nicieza, the Publisher of Acclaim Comics. Brent has also worked for Wizard Entertainment, known as publisher of the leading comics industry magazine “Wizard the Comics Magazine”. His position with Wizard was as Senior Advertising Account Manager.

In 1998, Brent launched, an on-line community devoted to Small Press and Independent Comics. In 2003, comics devotees David Hedgecock and Mike Hall teamed with Brent and founded Ape Entertainment. They are publishers of high-quality original graphic novels, comic books, and illustrated fiction. Brent also built this entire website of which he is very proud.

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