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Puss N Boots

Puss In Boots Movie Prequel: The Sword Master of Rancho Castillo
8 PG | Full Color | $6.99

Written by: Troy Dye & Tom Kelesides
Art by: Dario Brizuela and Massimo Asaro
Colors by: Christine Larsen and Diego Rodriguez
Cover Artist: Dario Brizuela and Diego Rodriguez

The exciting prequel to the PUSS IN BOOTS movie is here in this exclusive original graphic novel story! Puss enters a secret sword fighting competition to determine who’s the best with a blade. Will he defeat the rabid rooster known as El Pollo Mas Rapido? Or will Chuey, the Chihuahua cat burglar, take top prize? Bonus story: follow Puss as he unravels the mystery of the Maltese Gato!

3 Responses to Puss N Boots

  • Hello, I just purchased this book from Amazon, but I think my copy is defective because the story of El Pollo Mas Rapido is not ended, it ends in the page where Chuey is taken hostage, then, the bonus story is not included, and I think only the last page of it was included. If you’d like, I could scan or take a video of my book and show it to you. I was very excited to read the complete stories here, unfortunately I am left hanging. I hope you can help me. I am also asking Amazon for help. I love Puss in Boots sooooo much! <3 Thanks very much for reading.

  • Leather Beds says:

    This film version blends a story of child hood pals Puss in Boots (Banderas) and egghead, Humpty Dumpty (Galifianakis) in pursuit of selfish dreams to capture the baby goose that lays golden eggs. Puss falls for Kitty Softpaws (Hayek) and the friendships between Puss, Humpty and Kitty all get a bit confused in pursuit of riches. The writers mix in (and mix up) bits of half a dozen other childhood fables from Jack and Jill to Jack and the Beanstalk. It is all clean great fun and funny for kids and adults along the way. There is a great fight and dance scene that few animated films can match. The PG rating was certainly garnered by the swords and violence, but there is really nothing to disturb even the most delicate of children’s emotions. Any child old enough to watch television has seen far worse. My only concern was a brief reference by Jack to swearing off “murdering and thievery” as fun, but it may be time to move on. They might have left that worthless line out of the script. And why Jack and Jill had to be portrayed as anything but two nice kids going up a hill to fetch a pale of water might confuse a few kindergärtners.

  • RE: My first post which is still in moderation. ^__^ It’s okay now, Amazon mailed me a new complete one, and I LOVE IT! I hope Puss in Boots gets a sequel and many more sequels hahaha! I also look forward to reading more of his adventures in these pages. I thought this issue was really cute and I enjoyed it a lot!

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